Election Day Thank You Note

276 to 75

I led a 10 person campaign (Special Forces (SF)) team in an extremely grueling and formable challenge.

The threat had the advantage of over 20 years in preparation and ties to large sums and personal resources within the environment to be used to overwhelm our ingenuity.

Our mission was to motivate over 400 registered voters of some 9000+ to vote in a local election. Between 500 to 600 friendly individuals were contacted to vote with 8000 mailers used to saturate the field. The team succeeded in getting 351 to vote at a time when most in the community are ill and weak from the constant barrage of politics.

SF elements are not always successful but are always winners when camaraderie is maintained in a loss. “Advise Maintain Create”

Thank you so much team. You all performed flawlessly. As I said from the beginning “Only I can loose. You will learn more than you could ever expect. And I will mature with you.”

Those of us to be eminent domain, affected by subsidized housing, or taxed accordingly by this loss are honored by those who put yard signs on ‘your’ property and stood up with us. To all who voted, thank you for making your voices heard.

And to all the supporters around the world I am humbled to have served for I know you feel our pain and I your sorrow.

May those who were too politically ill and weak to make it to the polls be healed and strengthen. I can assist in strengthening you with information but fairness will never be achieved if you do not get involved and accept that politics is a part of living the American Dream.

De Oppresso Liber


Information and Fairness Campaign for Temple, Texas and it's Extra Jurisdictional Territory



Candidate Message

I am running for Temple City Council District 1 to represent those who want more information from our five member city government; and to bring more fairness for current residents as city growth continues to encroach upon all our homes.

I am a Military Brat, Eagle Scout, and retired U.S. Army 1SG. I have a Master of Science in Management with Salve Regina University and a Bachelor of Science in Occupational Education with Wayland Baptist College.

My military experience has focused on exercising U.S. democratic policy. In other words, I have liaised and communicated with foreign and U.S. counterparts in advising peace, maintaining democratic processes, and creating conflict resolutions for a global community. Most of my effort was and is in working with civil authorities and civilian populations in times of peace and conflict.

Our family home and farm and some 50 farming/ranching and small business neighbors are to be eminent domain for warehouses. While petitioning for Temple City Council District 1, I saw and heard how all neighbors throughout Central Texas have been affected by the City Council’s desire to achieve DFW, Austin, San Antonio, and Houston equivalency.

I and my wife came to Central Texas to live the mid-size Texas town dream. I grew up in the Fort Worth area when it was a mid-size town to the City of Dallas. We have no desire to live in the big city of Fort Worth.

I will represent you, my neighbor. I have no outside business interests nor investments beyond establishing what was to be my family farm and land to be inherited by our children.

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